Hundreds of Sikh musicians and singers dressed in white
Two young Sikh instrumentalists
Young Sikh singers dressed in white


Raising awareness of Sikhi

A Charitable organisation working in for the message of Sikhi, for the benefit of all.

We work to celebrate cultural differences whilst recognising that we are all one.

Love is the only language we speak and the only language we share.

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Sport | Music | Culture
28-29th may 2022

United Colours United Kingdom is the biggest multicultural event of 2022! We’re bringing together people from all cultures to celebrate a shared message of unity through arts, music, and culture!
We have a whole range of events to satisfy and entertain people from all around the world.
Join us for our two-day extravaganza, with exhibitions, sports tournaments, food, and more for people of all ages!

We’ll be finishing off with a Sikh-Led Musical-Experience, with 400 Musicians from all faiths and backgrounds. This one-of-a-kind experience will include celebrated musicians on strings, drums, and vocals.
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