About Global Sikh Vision

Our Mission


Global Sikh Vision is a UK based Registered Non-Profit Charitable organisation.

GSV seeks to use modern distribution mediums to ENGAGE wider audiences with Sikh community activities and events.

GSV’s platform will help to empower event organisers and ENCOURAGE Sikhs to contribute to Sikh matters on a local, national and international level.

Finally, GSV hopes to INSPIRE a new generation of Sikhs and empower them to partake in wider society as proud ambassadors of their religion and their community.

Join Us At GSV

After breaking a World Record at Nanak Rhapsody in Nov 2019, we are determined to bring a record-setting event, which is open to absolutely everyone!

We are working to bring one of the biggest cohesive community events in 2021.

In line with the legacy of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, we want to draw attention to the sacrifices he made.

This is Teg Bahadur Rhapsody!

The event will be held in Walsall Football Stadium and will house over 21 different events for you to get involved in!

This is a free, friendly, and community-oriented event to be enjoyed by all. We believe that such events do wonders to develop community cohesion and increase social tolerance.

We invite you all to SIGN UP, whether to participate in an event, volunteer for Seva across our 21 events, or to come and take part in the activities!

Click to Sign up and get your tickets now!

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