General Admission

General Admission – Tickets required due to Covid-19 control

Date: May 22, 23, 2021

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Walsall Football Stadium, UK

Event Details

We’re so excited to have everyone come and enjoy all the activities that we have lined up!

This is a free, friendly, and community-oriented event to be enjoyed by all. We believe that such events do wonders to develop community cohesion and increase social tolerance.

Global Sikh Vision understands the importance of Community Cohesion and this event will work towards achieving a common goal We encourage tolerance, strong & positive relationships between people from different backgrounds, tackling inequalities, and developing a positive climate of opinion to support “Unity in diversity”. This event will inspire and encourage to

  • A common vision and a sense of belonging for all communities
  • Equal life opportunities for the whole
  • Strong & positive community relationship among all
  • Diversity of people’s different backgrounds & circumstances are appreciated and positively valued

To ensure we can maintain all Government guidelines and keep us all as safe as possible, we need to ensure everyone who is coming to the event has a ticket upon entry.

If you are submitting form on behalf of a family, then please ensure you have the right number of tickets per family member. One ticket = one person’s entry.

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    Why Donate?

    GSV is a non-profit charity. All of its projects are supported by donations and ‘Daswandh’ (Sikhs are ordered to donate 10% of their income to noble causes), GSV teaches Jap Ji Sahib & Rehras Sahib Paath to children and adults alike.