Blood Donation

Blood Donation

Date: Summer 2022 (Event has been postponed due to COVID).

Time: TBC

Location: Walsall Football Stadium, UK

Event Details

We need donors from all communities and ethnic backgrounds to donate blood so the NHS can meet the needs of all patients in England now and in the years to come. Black, Asian and minority ethnic donors are specifically needed right now because:

  • Some patients who receive frequent blood transfusions need blood to be closely matched to their own
  • A number of blood conditions, like sickle cell disease which is treated through blood transfusions, most commonly affect black, Asian and minority ethnic people
  • The best match typically comes from blood donors from the same ethnic background.

While people from all communities and backgrounds do give blood, fewer than 5% of NHS blood donors who gave blood in the last year were from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

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